Inaugural Global Patient Advocacy Summit

GPAC (formerly IHS-GPAC) was initiated by the International Headache Society after its unprecedented 2017 Global Patient Advocacy Summit (GPAS), as a first step to establish patient advocacy for people around the world who are impacted by migraine.

This collective brain trust identified the most essential global goals in the field of headache medicine with an emphasis on patient support. The pressing unmet needs identified in GPAS, led to the publication of the Vancouver Declaration on Global Patient Advocacy in Cephalagia and enabled the initiation and establishment of GPAC (formerly IHS-GPAC). The key decisions from the summit have been summarized and published in the Vancouver Declaration.

The summit included:

  • 49 member states of IHS from around the world
  • Professional Headache, Pain & Neurological Societies
  • Patient Advocates & Organizations
  • Regulatory Agencies
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies

Download Vancouver Declaration Here

The key decisions from the summit have been summarized and published in the Vancouver Declaration

Background on GPAC

An International Movement to Advance Migraine Patient Advocacy

Migraine patients oftentimes suffer in silence, feeling ill-equipped or uncomfortable to speak up to their partners, family members, friends, employers, colleagues, and HCPs. Thus, there exists a need to improve global awareness and recognition of migraine in order to improve patients’ lives, which is how the Global Patient Advocacy Summit was created. The inaugural summit represented a focused, organic partnership between doctors, patients, and public health organizations to drive progress in the field of headache medicine.

GPAC has an important role in unifying patient advocacies around the world and optimizing patient care.