February 16, 2022

Advocacy Achievements of IHS-GPAC’s Partners

IHS-GPAC Partner roundup

We are celebrating the hard work and contributions of our global partners and coalition members.

IHS-GPAC is one of many organizations that seek to improve the lives of those living with migraine. We’re proud to partner with other innovative groups around the world, unified under this shared mission, and we’d like to shine a spotlight on their recent achievements and ongoing initiatives as we look forward to all that we’ll accomplish together in 2022.

Highlighting Gaps in Healthcare

The Migraine Trust’s recent report “Dismissed for too long” opened eyes to the reality of insufficient headache care in the UK that millions of people with migraine have struggled with for years. According to the report, many patients have to wait years for an official diagnosis, if they receive one at all. They also lack access to specialized care and treatments. The report offers solutions to these barriers. For example, there are some suggestions on how to speed up the diagnostic process. Other ideas include ensuring that appropriate treatment plans are made and increasing awareness for migraine.

The Migraine Trust also elevates patient voices by publishing personal stories from people living with migraine. Taiyeba and Mathew’s stories share what it’s like to experience stigma and discrimination in the workplace due to migraine. They offer insight into how employers and colleagues can better support people affected by this disease.

Standardizing Migraine and Headache Training

The American Headache Society launched First Contact – Headache in Primary Care, an initiative that provides free expert-led headache and migraine training for healthcare professionals. Their collection of presentations, guides, videos, podcasts and migraine diagnosis chart help primary care providers recognize and respond to signs of headache disorders. Primary care providers are often the first contact for patients experiencing migraine. Therefore it’s imperative that PCPs are prepared to diagnose and treat this disabling disease.

Improving Lives of Veterans

Many veterans live with neurological diseases and can benefit from neurology-related Centers of Excellence through the Veterans Health Administration. Yet most of these centers lack funding. To help these veterans access the care they need, the American Academy of Neurology, along with other advocacy organizations, helped influence Congress to emphasize the need for funding for all the VA Neurology Centers of Excellence. These centers assist veterans living with migraine, other headache disorders, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. Read more about this advocacy effort in their Capitol Hill Report.

Increasing Awareness in the Workplace

The Migraine Association of Ireland is using educational initiatives to change the way the world sees migraine. Last year, they gave a presentation about migraine in the workplace for the Bank of Ireland and a presentation on the importance of migraine awareness for Microsoft Europe. Throughout 2022, they will continue providing community space for those living with migraine with Afternoon Tea, monthly virtual meetings where people with migraine can share experiences and offer support.


Migraine affects every aspect of a person’s life, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach in advocacy. We’re grateful to have partners from around the world that can consider each community’s unique challenges and share actionable insights.

If you’re interested in bringing the IHS-GPAC Workplace Initiative to your workplace, learn more and find valuable tools to help you make a difference on the IHS-GPAC website.

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