September 5–8, 2019      Convention Centre Dublin, Ireland

The Event

The 2019 Global Patient Advocacy Summit reinforces our commitment to improving the experience of patients. During this invitation-only summit, thought leaders in the field will come together to elevate the profile of migraine, educate patients on advocacy opportunities, strategize solutions to overcome barriers to treatment and organize awareness campaigns for employers, governments and the general public.

Featured Speakers

David Dodick

Tarun Dua

Lars Edvinsson

Wolfgang Grisold

GPAS II Brought Together Leaders in Migraine for Greater Change

The second Global Patient Advocacy Summit (GPAS II) in Dublin brought global migraine leaders together from organizations around the world to drive support for those affected by migraine. The Summit covered many topics related to migraine, cluster headache and other severe headache disorders. These topics including advances in treatment, global access to standard of care, and how employers can advocate for those living with headache disorders in the workplace.

Leaders left the summit united under one common mission: to further the field of headache medicine and better serve people with migraine and other headache disorders around the globe. Thank you to all of those who attended!

Summit Highlights

  • Reinvigorated and aligned the coalition on the goal to improve the lives of people impacted by migraine and other headache disorders
  • Collaboration between the individuals from the 40 organizations from 26 countries in attendance
  • Shared the success stories of World Brain Day 2019 which was dedicated to migraine and other headache disorders
  • Presentations by regulatory authorities, patient organizations and professional societies

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