October 25, 2019

IHS-GPAC Unveils Workplace Initiative at WCN 2019

New Research on Migraine in the Workplace Unveiled During Press Conference to be Broadcast via Facebook Live from the World Congress of Neurology, Dubai, Oct. 29, 8 a.m. GST

The XXIV World Congress of Neurology (WCN 2019) is bringing together leading voices in migraine research and advocacy to share vital insights on the global impact of migraine in the workplace. Migraine affects more than one billion people worldwide. To continue driving awareness of this disabling disease, a coalition of global migraine leaders will participate in a live streaming press conference via the World Federation of Neurology’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/wfneurology), on Tuesday, Oct. 29, at 8:00 a.m. Gulf Standard Time in Dubai, UAE.

This joint press event, hosted by the International Headache Society’s Global Patient Advocacy Coalition (IHS-GPAC) and the World Federation of Neurology (WFN), will showcase the insights of patients, leading patient advocates, and some of the world’s leading migraine experts to shine a light on the impact of migraine. Also during the event, IHS-GPAC will reveal their new workplace initiative pilot program, and will also announce their official partnership with a global Fortune 500 corporation.

Migraine is the second leading global cause of disability and the third most common disease in the world. Despite its prevalence, migraine receives less research funding than any of the world’s most burdensome diseases.

“Migraine is a pervasive and disabling brain disorder that affects 1 in 7 people around the world, transcending age, gender, geography, and socioeconomic status,” says Prof. David Dodick, MD, FAHS, chair of IHS-GPAC and professor of neurology with the Mayo Clinic. “Our coalition is leading a global effort to drive awareness for migraine, starting with employers. The workplace is a critical focus of our initial advocacy efforts as millions of people are impacted and untold hours of work are impacted and lost globally to migraine and other headache disorders.”

During the press conference, speakers will reveal key statistics about how migraine impacts the global workplace, in addition to educational and interventional opportunities that employees and employers can adopt to create a workplace where people can be their most productive selves.

“It is important for advocacy organizations to demonstrate to employers that headache disorders cost them financially and that it’s a fiscally wise decision to make accommodations for employees who live with these conditions,” said Deborah Henscheid Lorenz, JD, MS, co-chair of IHS-GPAC on Workplace Advocacy, and one of the press conference speakers.

Seven individuals representing the voices of patients, researchers, advocates and professional societies will provide an in-depth look at the impact migraine has on the workplace and the global economy, including the following:

  • David Dodick, Chair, IHS-GPAC, Chair American Migraine Foundation, Chair-elect American Brain Foundation
  • William Carroll, President of WFN
  • Messoud Ashina, MD, PhD, DMSc, President of the International Headache Society (IHS)
  • Wolfgang Grisold, MD, Secretary-General of WFN
  • Deborah Henscheid Lorenz, JD, MS, Co-chair of IHS-GPAC
  • Elena Ruiz de la Torre, MD, Executive Director of the European Migraine and Headache Association (EMHA)
  • Fumihiko Sakai, MD, Professor and Director of the Saitama International Headache Center and President of the Japanese Headache Society

The XXIV World Congress of Neurology (WCN 2019) is the perfect setting for advancing conversations about migraine, with over 4,000 attendees from 126 countries expected to attend. In July, the WFN partnered with IHS to promote its annual World Brain Day, with the theme “Migraine: The Painful Truth,” which reached more than 50 million people.

“Coming off the heels of this year’s World Brain Day, which was dedicated to migraine, we learned that there is an extensive population of people affected by migraine who are seeking additional resources and information,” said Prof. Wolfgang Grisold, Secretary-General of the WFN. “WCN 2019 sets the stage for the world to act on behalf of migraine education and advocacy, extending the reach of the Coalition and promoting brain health around the world.”

The theme of the 2019 Congress, the Brain Health Initiative, focuses the neurology world’s efforts on furthering healthcare and accelerating the pace of change around the world. Media are welcome to attend on-site.

IHS-GPAC unites the most impactful voices in migraine research, support and education to create a world where migraine is understood and optimally managed. Working in collaboration with patients, health care providers and headache, pain and neurology associations worldwide, our goal is to improve the lives of those affected by migraine, cluster and other diseases that cause severe head pain. Migraine is the most common brain disorder, affecting 1 in 7 people worldwide. With empathy, hope and determination, IHS-GPAC is committed to raising awareness on the impact of migraine, implement optimal standards of migraine care, and reduce the global burden of the disease. Learn more at www.ihs-gpac.org.

About the International Headache Society
The International Headache Society is the world’s leading membership organisation for all people with a professional commitment, whatever their discipline, to helping people whose lives are affected by headache. As a charity, the purpose of IHS is to advance headache science, education and management, and promote headache awareness worldwide. Activities include the publication of Cephalalgia, the biennial International Headache Congress, developing guidelines, the international headache classification, educating the next generation of headache specialists worldwide, online education materials, and offering grants and fellowships to young physicians worldwide. To learn more, visit https://www.ihs-headache.org.

About the World Federation of Neurology
The World Federation of Neurology represents 120 member neurological societies around the globe whose mission is to foster quality neurology and brain health worldwide by promoting neurological education and training with an emphasis on under-resourced areas of the world. The WFN supports the spread of accurate research and clinical information in the pursuit of improvements in the field of neurology. With support from member organizations, the WFN unifies the world to give patients better access to brain health. For more information, please visit the WCN 2019 web site at www.wfneurology.org, find our live stream press conferences on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/wfneurology/, on Twitter at https://twitter.com/wfneurology or by searching using the tag #WCN2019.

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