At GPAC, our pledge is to unify and advocate for all people with migraine and headache disorders. We do this by spreading our message globally and acting locally to help advocacy organizations with their efforts. Our mission is to help implement optimal standards of migraine care and raise awareness of its impact on the individual and society.

Migraine Wellness Initiative Toolkit

The purpose of this document is to help advocacy groups align with employer programs on the best goals and milestones based on migraine wellness program needs, timing, scale, and preferred tactics.


I am an employer, and my employees would benefit from a migraine wellness initiative. How can I get involved?
Who can I contact if I have any questions about GPAC or these files?
I’m part of an organization that promotes migraine wellness. How can I use these files to make a difference?
What should I do if a question comes up during my initiative development?
I am not part of an organization, what can I do to help improve migraine advocacy or awareness?
What files types are supported?